Game Rules

SDEX Power is a Stellar blockchain lottery game with big chances to win. The game rules are simple and, with a flexible payout structure and complete transparency, SDEX Power is an incredibly exciting game.
The game's goal is to score more points than other players during a game round by selecting a set of assets from your Stellar address. A point awarded for every symbol match between selected asset's issuing account and randomly generated symbol set called "Power Symbols".
The "Power Symbols" set will be generated after a round has ended and contains 5 symbols of RFC 4648 Base32 alphabet (it uses an alphabet of A–Z, followed by 2–7).

How To Play?

The player needs to select a set of assets from a connected Stellar wallet. An asset can be selected multiple times to fill out all available spots. The player doesn't require to hold any assets; it's enough to have an established trustline.

After selecting assets, the player can choose power-ups and/or increase the multiplier.

A power-up can help you score more points — the amount and conditions specified in its description. The Power-Ups are expendable, so every time you use any power-up, the amount of 0.0000001 is deducted from your wallet.

The multiplier multiplies points earned from matching symbols and does not affect points earned from power-ups. Increasing the multiplier also increases the entry fee, which every user must pay to submit an entry.

Once everything is ready, you should click the "Submit the Entry" button and confirm your Stellar transaction which contains data about your entry. The player can submit an unlimited number of entries.
Wait until the round ends to find out the results.
Good luck!


After the round has ended and every last point calculated, we order all entries by points scored from highest to lowest. If two or more entries scored equal points, the entry submitted first will be prioritized.

The entry fees (which every user must pay to submit an entry) form a prize pool.

10% of the prize pool will be burned by sending it to the issuing account.

The rest is distributed according to the payout structure below. It is based on the number of entries and places.

Payouts send out manually within 2 days after the round has ended via claimable balances.

The winner has 30 days to claim the prize. After that period, the payout will be burned by sending it to the issuing account.

Payout structure